Ryan Beatty

General Information

Full name: Ryan Kevin Beatty
Birthday: September 25, 1995[1]
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Biographical Information

Hometown: Clovis, California[2]
Residence: California
Occupation: Singer

Relationship Information

Parents: Kevin Beatty (father)
Caleen Beatty (mother)
Siblings: Brooke Beatty[3] (older sister)[4]
Jenni Beatty[3] (older sister)[4]
Stacey Beatty[3] (older sister)[4]
Lauren Beatty[3] (older sister)[4]
Kenny Beatty[3] (younger brother)[4]
Friends: Christina Cimorelli
Katherine Cimorelli
Lisa Cimorelli
Amy Cimorelli
Lauren Cimorelli
Dani Cimorelli

Ryan Beatty is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. He was discovered on YouTube by uploading videos of him covering popular songs. He has been featured in some of Cimorelli's videos.


Cimorelli related

  • He, like Cimorelli, was nominated for a 2012 Teen Choice Award in the "Web Star" category.
  • Lauren's favorite songs of his are "Hey LA" and "Pretending."[5]
  • Lauren's favorite YouTube artists are Ryan, Megan and Liz, Christina Grimmie, and Megan Nicole.[6]
  • Lauren says she and Ryan are just friends and always will be.[7]
  • His brother Kenny made an appearance in a video of Cimorelli's.


  • His celebrity crush is Demi Lovato.[8]
  • An accomplished life goal of his was to go the the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.[9]
  • He likes snakes and goes snake hunting.[10]

Music related

  • His EP "Because of You" made it to number one on the iTunes US Pop Album Charts.[11]
  • Justin Bieber covered Ryan's song "Every Little Thing."[12]

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