Lisa Cimorelli
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General Information

Full name: Lisa Michelle Cimorelli
Birthday: September 19,[1] 1993[2]
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark brown

Biographical Information

Residence: California
Occupation: Singer
Nicknames: Pizza[3]
Fatzilla (by Dani)[4]
Other names: Stupid Idiot (alter ego)

Relationship Information

Parents: Mike Cimorelli Sr. (father)
Lynne Cimorelli (mother)
Siblings: Mike Jr. (older brother)
Christina (older sister)
Katherine (older sister)
Amy (younger sister)
Alex (younger brother)
Lauren (younger sister)
Dani (younger sister)
Christian (younger brother)
Nick (younger brother)
Joey (younger brother)
Relatives: Michael A. Cimorelli (paternal grandfather, deceased)
Joe Cimorelli (uncle)[5]
Friends: Angela Malek

Lisa Michelle Cimorelli was born on September 19, 1993. She is the third oldest sister, after Christina and Katherine, and the fourth oldest child in the Cimorelli family.

She is one of the original members of the band. She plays the keyboard, drums, and guitar. She and her older sister Christina arrange the harmonies for their songs.


In the early Cimorelli videos Lisa has long, naturally wavy-ish,[6] dark brown hair, which she sometimes styles straight and curly. In September 2016 in honor of her 23rd birthday, she decided to cut off all her hair [7]. She wore braces when she was younger. She is 5' 6".


Lisa is known to be the creative one in the group. She arranges a few of the songs. She is also the funny one, and Lauren describes her as weird. She says that "outgoing," "loud," and "crazy" are not words that describe her.[8]


Family related

  • She shares her birthday with her younger brother Nick.
  • She refers to Dani as "a growing infant."
  • When asked about which sister she is most alike, Lauren answered Lisa because they are both quiet, introverted, and more tomboyish than the other girls.[9]
  • Lauren doesn't think she and Lisa look alike.[9]
  • She and her family are mostly Irish and Italian, but also have German, Norwegian, English, Welsch, and Scotch Irish.[10]
  • If she could switch voices with any of her sisters she said she would switch with Amy because of her voice that can be high and loud but also can be so low.
  • Hugs from her brother Joey comfort her.[11]
  • She and her sisters mostly speak English, but know a little Spanish, Portuguese and German.[12]
  • Christina and Katherine say Lisa burps the most.[13][14]
  • According to Christina, Lisa is the one who usually takes the longest to get ready.[15]
  • Christina says Lauren and Lisa are the shyest of the girls.[16]
  • Christina says that Lisa is almost always home.[17]
  • She, Christina, and Lauren are most likely to wear their brothers' clothes.[18]
  • She, Katherine, and Lauren are most likely to freak out over a spider.[19]


  • Some of her favorite singers are Jessie J, Demi Lovato, and Jojo.[20]
  • Her favorite television shows are 90210 and Big Time Rush.[20]
  • Her favorite movie to watch on Halloween is Hocus Pocus.[21]
  • Her favorite meal consists of Margherita pizza, spinach salad, and marble ice cream for dessert.[22]
  • Her favorite colors are blue, green, and orange.[23]
  • Her favorite accent is Australian or Italian.[24]
  • Her favorite cheese is medium sharp cheddar.[24]
  • Her favorite Disney movie is Cinderella.[25]
  • Her favorite Nickelodeon show when she was younger was Drake & Josh.[26]
  • Her favorite cover the girls have done so far is "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."[27]
  • Her favorite food is Margherita pizza.[20]
  • Her favorite film is Eat, Pray, Love.[20]
  • Her favorite song is "Holding Me Down" by Onitsha and Eric Dawkins.[20]

Food related

  • She hates tomatoes, but if they are on a Margherita pizza, she can handle a few of them.[28]
  • She has never drank or smoked.[29]
  • It is rare when she will have a cup of coffee.[30]


  • She had her first kiss in 2015 but regrets it.
  • Her most embarrassing moment was when she did a face plant in front of the movie theater.[20]
  • If she was a superhero, her superpowers would be beat-boxing.[20]
  • At one point in her life, she wanted to go to college and major in piano performance.[20]
  • When she was fifteen, she swore[31] and had serious body image problems,[32] but has since gotten over both.
  • She got a haircut in honor of her 23rd birthday.
  • People have said she looks like Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice, Katie Holmes, Nina Dobrev, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez.[33]
  • Her alter ego's name is Stupid Idiot and she is a high fashion model who likes to ride horses.[34][35]
  • She washes her face with Cetaphil.[36]
  • She has scoliosis[37] and has worn a brace for nine months.[38]
  • She has the thought that all the people are beautiful and everyone deserves to be happy.
  • She has a grey streak on the back of her head, but it is lightening.[39]
  • She finished high school when she was fourteen years old.
  • She was home-schooled like all of her siblings.
  • She enjoys rip sticking like Lauren.

Music related

  • She would like to study music at college.
  • She would most like to perform with Usher.[20]
  • She is a fan of Jasmine Villegas and loves her song "So Silly."[40]
  • If she could switch voices with any of her sisters, she'd choose Amy because she wants to see how having a low voice would be like.[41]

Sports related

  • She and Christina have done the same amount of dance.[42]
  • She won her first triathlon when she was eight.[43]

Travel related

  • She would most like to vacation in Italy and Brazil.[20]


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  • "I don't know exactly why I have such long arms, but yeah, I look like an andean condor or something." - Answer from
  • "I drew a muffin man on the wall where people sign their names."- At teens react
  • "The male brain is like the Bermuda Triangle... a scary, mysterious place i don't wanna venture into." -Vía Twitter
  • You only die once, so make it painful." -Payphone cover video
  • "The less time you spend focused on what you look like, the more time you have to actually enjoy your life."- Vía twitter
  • "Can't. Wait. For. The. Album. You guys are really gonna get to know us and what we've been through with these songs.... Aaahhhh :D" - Via Twitter
  • "Being a good person isn't about what you did, it's about what you're doing now." -Vía twitter
  • "Having 'curves' dosen't make you a 'real woman.' Every woman is a woman and deserves to feel beautiful in her own way." -Via twitter
  • "The one thing I value and fear most is honesty." -Via twitter
  • "The only thing that makes me feel better than praying for myself is praying for other people." -Via twitter
  • "your choices say more about you than your words ever could" -Via twitter
  • " Love is not what happens when two perfect people find each other"- Via twitter
  • "Party less, study more. Give up less, try more. Worry less, pray more. DREAM BIGGER."- Via twitter
  • "Everyone do your best impression of a guinea pig. Ready? Go!" - Royals cover video
  • "If you don´t live for something you will die for nothing" - Via twitter
  • "Drinking just doesn´t appeal to me. Like at all."- Via twitter
  • "Sorry haters but I love Uggs"- Via twitter
  • "When I was 15, I used to look in the mirror and cry. Today, I looked at myself and laughed. Haha you really can turn things around :)" - Via twitter

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