Dani Cimorelli

General Information

Full name: Danielle Nicole Cimorelli
Birthday: June 15,[1] 2000[2]
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark brown

(Currently Black)

Biographical Information

Residence: California
Occupation: Student
Nicknames: Dani
Big D (by Lynne)[3]
Other names: Growing infant (by Lisa)

Relationship Information

Parents: Mike Cimorelli Sr. (father)
Lynne Cimorelli (mother)
Siblings: Mike Jr. (older brother)
Christina (older sister)
Katherine (older sister)
Lisa (older sister)
Amy (older sister)
Alex (older brother)
Lauren (older sister)
Christian (younger brother)
Nick (younger brother)
Joey (younger brother)
Relatives: Michael A. Cimorelli (paternal grandfather, deceased)
Joe Cimorelli (uncle)[4]
Friends: Angela Malek
Elli Norton

Danielle Nicole "Dani" Cimorelli was born in Sacramento, California on June 15, 2000. She is the youngest member of the group Cimorelli, and the eighth child in her family. She has appeared in covers "ABC" by the Jackson 5 and "Baby" by Justin Bieber in 2010, but was not officially in the band. She was "officially" inducted into the band around the time of their cover of "Find Your Love" by Drake.


Dani is 5'8". She has naturally straight[5] dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and freckles. Occasionally dying her hair colors like red. She is usually seen wearing a choker, ripped jeans, and black clothing.


Dani is described by her sisters as loud, funny, silly, hyper, creative, and smiley. She is also known to be very outgoing. Dani is confident, loud and has a good sense of humor. She loves to act silly and uses fake accents or sarcasm to get a laugh.


Family related

  • She shared a room with Lisa and Lauren.[6] She had the top bunk of the bunk-bed[7], Lauren got the bottom, and Lisa had the single bed.[8]
  • She and Christina can burp on command.[9]
  • Christina and Katherine say Dani is very energetic.[10][11]
  • Lisa says Dani snores in her sleep.
  • According to Lauren, Katherine and Dani mess up the most while filming.[12]
  • When Dani got mad at Lauren one time, she locked her out of their room, so Lauren lied on the floor and serenaded Dani through the crack between the door and the floor.[13]
  • When asked about which sister she is most alike, Dani answered Katherine and Amy because they are all outgoing and bubbly.[14]
  • According to her tumblr, her oldest sister Christina is the best person to help her through the hardest parts of her life.
  • She wants at least 10 kids.


  • Her favorite color is black.
  • Favorite movie of 2014 was Amazing Spiderman 2.
  • Favorite song is "Night Changes" by One Direction.
  • Favorite television show is The 100.
  • Favorite artist is a band called Seagulls.
  • Favorite video is Miranda Sings cover of Royals.
  • Favorite books are the Divergent series or The Loss of Sadness.
  • Favorite fashion trend is ripped jeans or chokers.
  • Favorite live shows(concerts) of 2014 were One Direction/5SOS or Ready Set.
  • Favorite cover they did was "Payphone" by Maroon 5.
  • Favorite song to perform of theirs is "Easy to Forget Me", "Don't Think About It", and "Renegade".
  • Favorite ice cream is something that is "hecka stuffed chocolate" like regular chocolate ice cream with brownies.
  • Favorite Girl Scout Cookies are the thin mints.[15]
  • Favorite animal is caribou.
  • Favorite time of day is night.
  • Favorite flowers are roses.

Food related

  • She likes waffles.
  • She loves mint chip ice cream, white chocolate and mangoes.
  • She loves soymilk.[16]
  • She doesn't like pita bread.
  • Her favorite sweets are gummy worms, Hershey's Cookies N Cream Bar, and Kit Kats.[17]
  • If she had to choose between eating Nutella, pizza, or waffles for the rest of her life, she would choose waffles.[18]
  • She doesn't really like apricots.[19]
  • She loves German candy.[20]
  • She is against drinking alcohol.
  • She eats chocolate cake on her birthday.
  • She doesn’t eat fish (reverse pescatarian).


  • Her celebrity crushes are Luke Hemmings or Niall Horan.
  • She has blocked her most embarrassing memory out her mind so she cant remember.[16]
  • She is left-handed.[21]
  • Her zodiac is a Gemini.
  • Loves boy bands.
  • She thinks "The Notebook" is the worst movie ever because it's so sappy.
  • When asked, her biggest personal change was when she stopped relying on people's opinions of her.
  • She likes rollerblading down the beach with her siblings, skateboarding, and putting together outfits.
  • She likes to shop at Forever 21 and Target.
  • If she was a superhero, her superpower would be transporting anywhere like Kurt from X-Men..[16]
  • She is afraid of heights,[22] but likes roller coasters, though she doesn't like the ride up.[23]
  • She only likes the Jets because Tim Tebow is on the team.[24]
  • She can whistle.[14]
  • Besides singing, her hobbies include rollerblading, climbing trees, drawing, reading, going to the beach, and painting her nails.[14]
  • She, Lisa, and Lauren got their wisdom teeth pulled.[25][26]
  • Making other people happy is what makes Dani feel happiest in life, according to her tumblr.
  • Her pet peeve is when people walk slowly in front of her.
  • She knows a bit of Chinese, Tagalog, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Greek, and Portuguese.
  • She loves the vampire diaries and ships stelena and klaroline.
  • Her first kiss was just before her sixteenth birthday and she regrets it, but says that he was a really good kisser.
  • Her dream date is the zoo, an aquarium, or something to do with the stars.
  • If she could change something about herself, she would want to be better at moving on from the past.
  • She is good at dying hair.
  • She knows how to make clothes and made her own dress for junior prom.
  • She got a 32 out of 36 on her ACT English.
  • She has sensory processing disorder.
  • She learned to read when she was 4, and skipped 7th grade.
  • Her myers-briggs type is ESFP, and she is enneagram type 7.
  • Her biggest fear is being annoying and ignored at the same time.

Music related

  • She plays the bongo drums.
  • She plays the guitar and piano.
  • She and Christina wrote the song "Before October's Gone" about a guy she had a 'thing' with. [27]
  • Favorite cover they did was "Payphone" by Maroon 5.
  • Favorite song to perform of theirs is "Easy to Forget Me", "Don't Think About It", and "Renegade".
  • She mainly listens to ”punk/rock/pop ish stuff“ and some indie pop.
  • She loves to play Ed Sheeran songs on her guitar.
  • She loves lana del rey and her favorite album is “Born To Die”.
  • Her least favorite music genre is R&B.
  • In 2016 on tumblr, she said that she never exactly made the decision to be a singer but was just thrown into it.

Religion related

  • She is Catholic like the rest of her family.
  • She would never date anyone who didn’t believe in her religion.

Sports related

  • Played water polo.
  • She did swimming and boxing.
  • Her favorite spots to watch are water polo, soccer, and basketball.

Travel related

  • She would most like to vacation in the Atlantic Resort in the Caribbean.[16]
  • Would love to visit Paris.


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