Christian Cimorelli
Christian and Lauren

General Information

Full name: Christian Michael Cimorelli
Birthday: February 18,[1] 2002[2]
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown

Biographical Information

Residence: California
Nicknames: Chris

Relationship Information

Parents: Mike Cimorelli Sr. (father)
Lynne Cimorelli (mother)
Siblings: Mike Jr. (older brother)
Christina (older sister)
Katherine (older sister)
Lisa (older sister)
Amy (older sister)
Alex (older brother)
Lauren (older sister)
Dani (older sister)
Nick (younger brother)
Joey (younger brother)
Relatives: Michael A. Cimorelli (paternal grandfather, deceased)
Joe Cimorelli (uncle)[3]

Christian Michael Cimorelli is the third boy and the ninth child of the Cimorelli family.


Christian has brown hair and green eyes.


Lisa describes Christian as extremely intelligent, athletic, sweet, bossy, a jokester, entertaining, deep, and mature.[4]


Christian is featured in the following songs:


  • Lynne thinks Lisa, Lauren, Alex, and Christian are most like her.[5]
  • Lynne says Christian's middle name is Michael because Christian was born on Michael's birthday.[6]
  • He has the lightest hair out of all of the boys.[4]
  • He has been reading on a college level since he was eight or nine.[4]
  • When he was five, Katherine found him in a coat closet crying because he didn't know what love was.[4]
  • He enjoys doing magic tricks, drawing, reading, skateboarding, hanging out with friends, playing football, and swimming.[7]
  • He and his younger brothers appeared at the end of MattyB and Cimorelli's parody of "Call Me Maybe" "Don't Call Me Baby".


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