Alex Cimorelli

General Information

Full name: Alexander Dante Cimorelli
Birthday: August 30,[1] 1996[2]
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'10"[3]

Biographical Information

Hometown: El Dorado Hills, California
Residence: Tennessee
Interests: Travelling

Relationship Information

Parents: Mike Cimorelli Sr. (father)
Lynne Cimorelli (mother)
Siblings: Mike Jr. (older brother)
Christina (older sister)
Katherine (older sister)
Lisa (older sister)
Amy (older sister)
Lauren (younger sister)
Dani (younger sister)
Christian (younger brother)
Nick (younger brother)
Joey (younger brother)
Relatives: Michael A. Cimorelli (paternal grandfather, deceased)
Phyllis E. Roche (maternal grandmother, deceased)[4]
Joe Cimorelli (uncle)[5]
Dante (great uncle)[6]
Barrett Reali (nephew)
Romances: Ex-girlfriend (2015-2018) [7]
Betsy Cothron (2020 - )[8]

Alexander Dante "Alex" Cimorelli is one of the five brothers of the Cimorelli members. He is the second oldest brother and the sixth oldest child in the family.


Alex has brown hair, green eyes, and wears glasses. He is around 5'10" tall.


Alex is insightful, goofy, sarcastic, and loves to make people laugh. Out of the girls, he says he is most like Lisa and Lauren because they have similar personalities.[9] Lisa describes him as quiet, introverted, deep, honest, serious, shy, musical, striving to be the best person he can be, and wanting to do the right thing all the time.[10] His MBTI personality type is an INTJ.


Alex is featured in the following Cimorelli covers:


  • Lisa says Alex loves being around girls; is good at cooking and baking, fixing cars, making business calls for their dad, gardening, computer stuff, fixing appliances; loves to dance; likes abnormal and odd things, like conspiracy theories; and loves to build things.[10]
  • He has travelled to the continents of Europe, Asia, and Australia.[11]
  • He likes to drink coffee.
  • His top favorite foods are breakfast burritos, burgers, salmon, soup, candy, and pizza.[12]
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • He calls Christina "Crises" because she is not very calm.[13]
  • Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish are three languages he would like to learn how to speak.[14]
  • He prefers math to science[15] and English.[16]
  • He wants to get married on a sandy beach in the tropics.[17]
  • He used to wear braces.[18]
  • Lynne thinks Lisa, Lauren, Alex, and Christian are most like her, as they are all introverts.[19]
  • If he were to go to college, he isn't sure what he would study, but investing is an option.[20]
  • He likes to learn about other religions.[21]
  • His middle name comes from his great uncle, Dante.[6]
  • He looks for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health in a girl.[22]
  • Out of his sisters, he talks to Lauren the most.[23]
  • His favorite Bible scripture is 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.[24]


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